Who We Are

About Us

We are a project-based, solution-ready accounting and financial advisory company serving small-sized to medium-sized businesses. Utilizing a hands-on approach, we learn the fundamentals of your business–your industry, your target market, and your competitive competencies. Then we employ a 3E-approach to scrutinize your financial position. Using SWOT analysis, we identify your unique corporate strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint opportunities and threats, and guide you as you complete and evaluate your project.


Using Zoom technology, we engage with you by asking questions specific to your industry and your market position. What area do you need to bolster? What opportunity would our services allow you to pursue? What are your time constraints? Is the situation urgent? How would implementing an “ideal solution” positively affect your key performance indicators and your financial position?


We execute for you by pairing you with an advisor whose accounting or finance expertise–and real-life experience–match your needs. Your advisor truly understands your situation and can provide spot-on analysis that leads to detailed and measurable action plans which can be implemented quickly utilizing our dedicated hands-on advisor.


Once the project is completed, our accounting and financial consultants follow up with you to evaluate the effectiveness and reproducibility of your results. Did your project yield the outcome you expected? Is your company benefiting as you anticipated?

You invested in us. We need to know that our services met or exceeded your expectations, so we follow up measurable results with accountability to you, our client.

Our Approach

Our accounting and financial advisers are a critical component of what makes Sovereign Group who we are; they distinguish us from other accounting and financial advisory services.

All of our professional advisors possess strong academic credentials as well as broad business and financial experience. They are uniquely qualified to guide you through your project because they are also college-level professors, instructors or lecturers. They possess the know-how to guide you and the ability to think outside the box to discover a solution tailored to you and your company. Each of them is also an accomplished communicator who articulates ideas well and listens carefully to you. This unique combination of skills blends industry experience and academic expertise.

Once we determine that you would benefit from our services, we match you with an advisor whose expertise and experience pair well with your industry, your company, and your project. This approach ensures that your advisor truly understands your situation and can provide accurate, timely analysis which is followed by measurable and sustainable results you can see.

As you continue to interact with your advisor, the two of you develop detailed action plans which help you complete your project in a timely and successful manner.